Fieldpower: the perfect training tool for physiotherapists

Everyone comes to the physiotherapist with a different goal. As a physiotherapist, one moment you help someone with a rehabilitation process and the next hour you train a young person. In order to achieve all these different goals, all kinds of training equipment are needed. How would you like to have one training tool that can be used by all these people?

Everyone can train safely with Fieldpower

Fieldpower can be used for any situation. You can use it to train speed and explosiveness and use it for someone who rehabilitates. Fieldpower exercises include squat jumps, dropouts and conditioning drills. The agility of the device allows you to work in any direction and stimulate the body in any direction of movement.

However, there are even more advantages if you choose Fieldpower! You can easily take the device with you. Whether you go on a home visit or want to train on location, it’s all possible. Do you work with an athlete who wants to do specific exercises on the sports field? The device is also very useful in this case. So make it easy on yourself and your client and get started with Fieldpower!


FieldPower offers a revolutionary way of training without limitations.
The FieldPower delivers a unique almost constant resistance during both eccentric and concentric movements at low and high velocities. With resistance at any direction, it is the perfect device for resistance and assistance training.


  • Easy to transport (7 or 11 kg)
  • Easy to connect to any pole using two straps
  • Free 360 degrees rotation when placed on the foot
  • Free movement with two wheels under the foot
  • Free force direction by connecting the four blocks to any fixation point 3D-force direction

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