Fieldpower: the ideal tool for a sports-specific training

As a trainer, you work with a lot of different athletes and all of them need their own plan of action. For many athletes, sports-specific training has become an integral part of their training schedule. That’s logical, because we work on improving explosiveness, speed, etc. during this type of training. It also has a positive effect on the prevention of injuries.

What is the best way to handle sports-specific training as a trainer / personal trainer? In any case, you don’t have to take a whole load of devices out of the closet. It could be handled a lot simpler! Fieldpower offers infinite possibilities for athletes: think of doing squat jumps, exit passes and conditioning drills. All with a single device.

Doing an entire workout with one device
Fieldpower is the perfect training tool to train speed and explosiveness, due to the relatively light resistance of the device. The resistance bands can be used as extra resistance for the athlete. Due to the even build-up of resistance, there is no peak load with Fieldpower, which you do have when you train with weights. And because of the pulling power of the device, the body is stimulated to stabilize. This makes it a perfect tool for balance, core and strengthtraining. Fieldpower is perfect for sports trainers. It can be used for all types of athletes. The device is also easy to move. Outdoor training, indoor sports, on-site exercises… Anything is possible!nAnother big advantage is the range: the Fieldpower XL reaches up to 21 metres. Athletes can therefore train in a huge range and have all the freedom to move.


FieldPower offers a revolutionary way of training without limitations.
The FieldPower delivers a unique almost constant resistance during both eccentric and concentric movements at low and high velocities. With resistance at any direction, it is the perfect device for resistance and assistance training.


  • Easy to transport (7 or 11 kg)
  • Easy to connect to any pole using two straps
  • Free 360 degrees rotation when placed on the foot
  • Free movement with two wheels under the foot
  • Free force direction by connecting the four blocks to any fixation point 3D-force direction


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